Hugh Part two

Ok I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll most likely never run into Hugh Jackman ever again.   The fret over all the things I shoulda/coulda/woulda said to him if only I hadn’t gone all giddy, continues.  I keep imagining the interview that I shoulda asked for and how perfectly it woulda gone if only I coulda held onto my wits.  If I were a cartoon in that moment my eyes would have bulged out, my tongue and jaw fallen to the floor all the while jumping while point at him.   Ok so because I’ve feeling this way I decided to do just what all other hopeful fans do and go to the stage door to catch another glimpse.  (I just can’t look away – the star is too bright).  I ended up leaving before he showed up because I saw one of the people who work in the office who recognized me and said ‘Wasn’t the elevator ride enough?” I said ‘no’ but then left because I felt really awkward.  But I just thought I would see if he happened to be going in while I was finishing work — lightning could possibly strike twice – right?  It is possible to see him again – at least that’s the thought that lead to the standing outside the stage door entrance.  By the by his show was fantastic and only adds to his charm and the epic elevator encounter.

Yes I know I’m still talking about this but I have a million new things to think about in regards to my goal of being in a musical. 

Next week I have a jam packed schedule of work, classes, meetings, rehearsals, an improv show and looking for an apartment (oh and I’m also attending a friends bachelorette).  The question I am constantly wondering is why do all things – good or bad – have to happen all at the same time.  Wouldn’t it just be so much easier to deal with things one at a time.  Not all at once crammed into one week.  But so it seems all sorts of yummy opportunities have compiled themselves into one week.  (So you see I wouldn’t even have time to interview Hugh should we ever meet again — but everyone here knows I would make the time).

So the blog related thing I am doing is a Musical Theatre Master Class with Elaine Overholt.  Did I tell you about how I auditioned over the phone for the class?  It was supposed to be via skype but I was having issues with it.  I have been preparing the song “You Can Always Count On Me” from City of Angels with my singing teacher.  I still have my regular singing lessons which have been going well.  We’ve been really going through the song note by note so that I really learn it.  My singing teacher has told me numerous times that I’m always wanting to rush through the song before I actually know the notes and then that’s where I can get into big mess ups (like my last audition).  Anyway I’ve also met a talented performer at work who can play piano who will help me on Sunday to practice the song thoroughly before the class on Monday.  

My show – as per usual – is at Harold Night at the Comedy Bar.  I’m on a troupe called Nakatomi Protocol and we perform every Tuesday night.  My oh my competing with Hugh in concert – craziness…but it’s happening.  

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