Hugh Jackman

I was in an elevator with Hugh Jackman yesterday.  

He’s in town for his show which I will be seeing tonight.  I was quite star struck and couldn’t believe my eyes when he entered the elevator.  Wow he is really good looking and tall and muscular and did I mention handsome.  I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of him and stood in the opposite corner of the elevator with a huge bashful smile on my face.  There were 2 other women in the elevator as well.  One who works for him (or something) and the other who works somewhere in the building.  I got off at the wrong floor.  After I told everyone after they always asked what did you say to him and the answer is absolutely nothing.  I couldn’t help it.  I think when I left the elevator I managed to say ‘bye’ and then I realized I was on the wrong floor and had to run up a flight of stairs and arrived at that floor just as the elevator opened on the correct floor I was supposed to get out at.  Who knew I was such a big fan?  I never thought I would be one of the ones who gets star struck but its true, it happened.

Then afterwards, I couldn’t contain my excitement and I wanted to tell everyone and anyone.  Then after that I just imagined all the things I could’ve said to him or all the scenarios that could’ve happened.  And I would like to take this opportunity to rundown all of the possible scenarios:

1) I could’ve said ‘Hugh Jackman?! Cool.”

2) I could’ve said ‘Hey’

3) I could’ve been totally calm and normal and think to myself famous people are just people and been all like ‘oh who cares if hugh jackman is standing right beside me’  he’s just a person…but what would be fun about being that type of a person who treats everyone like there normal…Hugh Jackman is not a normal person he’s Hugh Jackman

4) I could’ve felt all the giggly flutters I felt but played it cool and said something genius like ‘I loved your work in Happy Feet’ or hosting the Tony’s that time

5) I could’ve asked for a hug…although that sounds like a good idea (for me) it would probably just be awkward

6) I was legitimately expecting a call from a friend about seeing his show so I could’ve got that call and had to be like ‘So are you free tomorrow night to see Hugh jackman?’ In front of Hugh Jackman?  That would’ve just been funny and we would instant lifelong friends.

7) I could’ve not exited one floor before my floor and had one extra floor with him to continue standing in awkward giggles

8) I could’ve been like ‘hey, I’m a writer can I interview you for this blog that I write about musicals?’ or ‘hey, I have this script in my back pocket you’d awesome for?’ (and of course the script I’ve been working on for my entire adult life would magically be done and I could hand it to him) and again we would be lifelong friends forever and always and make each other bracelets that say were friends forever.

9) He could’ve been like ‘oh wow you’re so amazing let’s runaway together’ and then we would run down the streets of Toronto hand in hand and of course break into song about how much we love each other forever and always and make each other bracelets that say we’ll love each other forever.

Ok that’s enough of dream land time.  Back to business. Gotta singing lesson today.  I haven’t practiced.  I don’t know what I think I’m going to accomplish without practicing which is why I want to start posting videos of me singing so that can be my practice.  I wonder how often Hugh practices — yes were on a first name basis now that were best friends?  Still figuring out how to reinstall imovie or some other video editing system so I can post stuff.  

I’m posting this performance of Hugh and Aretha Franklin at the Tony’s because those are the two celebrities I’ve seen perform this summer:

Oh yes Hugh Jackman “Somewhere there is a place for us”…

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