It’s true the drabbest song birds come alive in spring

I decided to go with a different uptempo song for my Hairspray audition that is in precisely 12 hours from now.  It’s one of those obscure songs that is a gem.  It’s called ‘Miss Byrd” and it’s from the musical ‘Closer Than Ever’.  The song is about this real estate agent who sneaks off and has sex with her boyfriend during her lunch breaks.  It’s really funny.  There’s one note that I am worried about but it’s really quick so maybe it won’t be so bad.

I have a kick ass monologue too.  Another obscure choice, too.  I got it from one of those “Modern Monologues for Women” books. It’s from this play called “Napoli Milionaria”.  It’s about this young girl in the 1940s who is confused about the facts of life and asks her neighbor for worldly advice – meaning she asks if she’s a virgin.  I like it.  The thing I’m “struggling” with – it’s not really a struggle – I’m trying to think of who in my own life I could pretend to be talking too.  Who would I be embarrassed to ask: Am I a virgin?  It really helps in these audition situations I find to picture someone in your own life because you can easily access how you feel about them.  Omigod yes!  I just thought of who to picture talking too.  I can’t really say who – here but it’s a good one.

Then my slow song is going to be “In My Own Little Corner”.

I wish I had an accompanist with me at all times so I can properly rehearse.  Cause I’m kind of just going in sort of not knowing how the piano part goes – stuff like that can really throw you off in an audition.  But I guess that’s everyones problem – I’ll just do my best.  I’ve also been practicing how to talk to the accompanist about my music selections — with the whole snapping so they get the rhythm and explaining that there is no repeat and after this part we go straight to the end.

I’m not nervous yet cause I’ve still got plenty of time and have all lines memorized so it’s just a matter of practicing.  That thing that Elaine Overholt says on her show is playing in brain – “practice doesn’t make perfect – practicing perfectly makes perfect”.  That giving me such anxiety right now.  Oh well just gotta do my best.

Usually I’d put a link to the song but it’s so obscure that on youtube there are only random people singing.  I don’t know how I feel about posting some random person on this blog – I’m sure they’d love it but I’ll leave it to you to look up “Miss Byrd” in youtube to hear the song.

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